URL Handler update

Hello! Today we have released an important update to the link handler. Briefly on the points:

  • Now you can connect your own domain to the link processor and the links will work on your domain.
  • The link handler is switched to a new design, which was previously added to short links.
  • The main domain of the link processor in the documentation and in the JavaScript library for sites has been switched to ccl.su.
  • Instead of the ccl.su domain, you can use any of our other temporary short link domains or, as already mentioned, your own domain.
  • IMPORTANT! As of October 1st, the catcut.net domain will not work for the link handler. Therefore, we recommend switching to your own domain or to the ccl.su domain now. If you have any difficulties with switching, write to us in support.

We wish all our developer partners fewer bugs and more good ideas!

💙 🐈