Share links on social networks without blocking!

It’s no secret that a number of projects, including large social networks, block our links for some reason. Our links are also hidden by ad blockers. Despite the fact that we make every effort and strictly filter spam, the blocking cannot be removed.

Today we bring you the first step in fighting this problem: temporary domains. From time to time we will include additional domains for link shortening. As a rule, each new domain will be available for a year. If a new domain is added, links will be shortened by default through it. You can choose which domain to use, as well as the default domain. We can also supplement the list of permanent domains. For any shortcut link, you can use any domain available at any time while the domain is running.

Here’s how to change domain when shortening a link:

You can also set the default domain when abbreviating:

And this is how you can change the domain in the list of links:

The system is still working in experimental mode, so we would be grateful if you write to us in the chat about how your new links work. We hope to develop this approach so that no one blocks your links due to the fault of spammers.