Important update of the transition page

We recently added some functionality to the short link page. We will briefly describe it. This change affected the page on which a person views an advertisement for a site in web surfing during a transition.

Now, when a person views the advertised site, if he clicks on your advertising site, he is shown a window with the “Open this site” button. Thus, more users will go to your site and perform registrations, purchases and other actions there. In addition, in the advertising window, some security functions may not work, and this will affect users less, since they will not have used these functions to open the site in a full-fledged window, and everything will definitely work there.

If a person refuses to open the site in the advertising window when the window with the button is first shown, he can always open the site by clicking on the button under the advertising window. Well, after short intervals, if the user continues to do something on your site in the advertising window, we will show a window with the offer “Open this site” again and again.

As always, you can see how everything works by clicking “View an example” on the advertising platform in the control panel.