Custom domains for links

We continue to develop the abilities to use short links. We present you a new product: your own domains for links.

Now you can connect any custom domain and use it for short links. In this case, your links will not be affected in any way if some system starts blocking our domains for links. In addition, using your own domain for links can increase the presentability, visibility of your links, and they will also be more trusted.

For example, you already have a website In this case, you can use the subdomain (or whatever) for short links.

You can also buy a new domain. On our Skypart Hosting you can buy a domain from just $1,25! For example, you buy the domain for short links. In this case, your links will look like

Connecting a domain to our system is described in detail here. It’s very simple and fast. If you have any questions, please contact the support chat.

Well, in the near future we plan to connect link handlers to this system. Subscribe to our social networks so as not to miss the news!