Developer tools

Take a closer look at the products we offer for developers and businesses.

Skypart Hosting

Take advantage of new opportunities to increase profits in all sections of earnings on CatCut. Create landing pages, websites for making money, your own domains for short links, etc.

Link Handlers

It is perfect for you if you are looking for a more versatile way to make money from links. With it, you can monetize any of your projects!

Create CC Link API

Automate work with links using the flexible functionality of our API.

Automatic check of tasks reports

Dear advertisers, just imagine, your tasks can be checked automatically and only in the way you set them up. Dear partners, just imagine, you will not need to wait for the report to be checked. Reports will be automatically approved at the time of submission.

Custom domains for links

Now you can connect any custom domain and use it for short links. In this case, your links will not be affected in any way if some system starts blocking our domains for links. In addition, using your own domain for links can increase the presentability, visibility of your links, and they will also be more trusted.

“Share” button

The right module for any project. Use flexible customization to achieve the result you want.