We accept Apple Pay!

Did you know that you can replenish your balance and pay for products with Apple Pay? If you are using an Apple device, open our website through the Safari browser and select “Visa, Mastercard” in the payment methods. You will have a corresponding icon. For some users in Ukraine, you may need to enable VPN… Continue reading We accept Apple Pay!

We are closer with the chat

We launched live chat this month. From that moment on, 84% of all customer requests came through chat. This is the absolute majority! Let us remind you that these are only the first weeks of work. We see a huge benefit from this innovation and advise everyone to contact our support via chat if there… Continue reading We are closer with the chat

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Our social networks

Ladies and Gentlemen! We would like to remind you that we publish news, updates, and other important and interesting information about CatCut in all popular social networks. Links below: Instagram https://www.instagram.com/catcutnet_en/ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CatCutEnglish/ Telegram https://t.me/CatCutEnglish Twitter https://twitter.com/CatCutEnglish YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrIaP6U7qTakMXU8NlQsnfQ Let’s be friends! Subscribe! Repost! 💙🐈

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Statistics. Geography

In this post, we would like to briefly share the geography of CatCut users and traffic. In the image you can see in which countries there are users or clicks on our links. It is interesting that during the year there was someone from every country in the world. Of course, most of the traffic… Continue reading Statistics. Geography

Posts and social media pages in Web Surfing

In the previous article, we talked about sites in web surfing. In the same section, you can also advertise social media pages and posts from social media. You can see the full list on this screenshot. Why did we separate them into separate subsections, although they, in fact, are the same pages of sites? Indeed,… Continue reading Posts and social media pages in Web Surfing

Advertising in Web Surfing. What is it?

Hello dear readers! One of the main sections on our website is the advertising in web surfing section. It’s not even one section. During the life of the project, it was divided into three: Sites in Web Surfing Images in Web Surfing Videos in Web Surfing Our web surfing ads — is pay per view… Continue reading Advertising in Web Surfing. What is it?

How to hide the short link and other features

Sometimes people ask us: how to hide the shortened link? We remind you that all additional functions are located under the «Functions» button next to «Create link». Check out all the possibilities in this menu, there are many of them. Also, click «Select Multiple» in this menu to see what you can do with multiple… Continue reading How to hide the short link and other features