Sites in Web Surfing. Overview.

In the previous article, we gave a general overview of what web surfing advertising is. Sites in Web Surfing are just one subsection of surfing advertising. In this subsection, you can launch sites, posts and pages of social networks in web surfing ads. In this article we will tell you more about the features of the work of sites.

Types of pages you can advertise

The most important feature of surfing site advertising is that the site is displayed in its entirety. (Usually, any other advertisement displays a website banner, a link to a website, an advertising video, etc.) When a user immediately views an advertising page, their advantages and features appear.

  • All page content is visible. While the timer is running, the user is directly familiar with your site. He can scroll down the page, open other sections, or, for example, register or request a call. Therefore, how your page is made, which you start to advertise in web surfing, is of great importance. We recommend that you create ads with beautiful landing pages, well-designed home pages, understandable product pages, and other pages that could capture the attention of your potential customers.
  • Users stay on the site. If a person is interested in your site, he will stay on it and will not let it through like an advertisement. In addition, the CatCut script will from time to time offer him to open your site completely, not in the advertising window. Well, under your site in the advertising window, a large button “Open this site completely” is always displayed so that a person can open it completely.
Advertising in the web surfing of the landing page of our Skypart Hosting. At the bottom of the advertising window, the button “Open this site fully” is displayed.
When clicked on the landing page, the button “Open this site” was displayed.
  • The reflink works for everyone. If you run a reflink or an affiliate link in your ad, then everyone who views the ad will be recorded as those you invited. Even if the user performs the necessary actions, for example, signs up, not immediately, all the same he will be listed as the one whom you attracted through the affiliate program.
  • Counters working. Analytics services such as Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica count the majority of impressions such as site views. The counters of time and human actions on the site are also triggered. This can even lead to a surge in search traffic, since search engines may think that something interesting has appeared on your site, since so many people have suddenly come to it. If you are not satisfied with this, you can use the image while surfing, make a duplicate of the page without counters, or even use contextual advertising, we also have such a section.
  • Not all sites work. Some site owners block the ability to display pages in the ad window. In this case, instead of the site, if you click “View example”, there will be an empty window or a window with an error. You can ask the site representatives to turn off this blocking or use other advertising opportunities in surfing, for example, pages or posts of social networks in web surfing or images in web surfing. Also, not all site functions may work due to user security settings. But it’s not a problem. We made it so that at the first click on your site and further from time to time, the CatCut script will prompt the user to open your site completely, without an advertising window.
An example of a site that is not displayed in an ad window.

Sites in Web Surfing is a very powerful advertising tool. We ourselves actively use it. Perhaps you found out about CatCut from our own web surfing landing page ad. Of course, you may have questions. We will be happy to answer them in the comments to this post on our social networks, or through the mail of our support service.