Posts and social media pages in Web Surfing

In the previous article, we talked about sites in web surfing. In the same section, you can also advertise social media pages and posts from social media. You can see the full list on this screenshot.

Why did we separate them into separate subsections, although they, in fact, are the same pages of sites? Indeed, these are just pages of sites. But, as we wrote in the previous article, not all sites are displayed in the advertising window. Therefore, we use an alternative approach.

Your page is displayed in an advertising window in a design similar to a real page on social networks and can be advertised very effectively. How does she look? This is very easy to see by clicking “View Example” on the ad platform.

If you don’t have a website, or just have a profile or community, why not use it for advertising? For example, you can pin an ad post to your VK profile or Facebook public page and run ads on it. Or take an attractive Instagram post and run it into an ad.


When you advertise on the surfing page of social networks, you get a number of additional benefits:

  • New subscribers. New subscribers can come along with the client.
  • The trust. If this is your personal page, your post will be more credible, as they will also see you as a referrer.
  • Recognition. If this is a brand or community page, you will also increase their awareness.
  • Simplicity and speed. No need to create a separate site. A page or post is much easier to create.
  • Communication. Since these are your pages, your potential customers can immediately write to you, and you can immediately process their response, consult, sell while they are still “hot”.

Some restrictions

  • VK profile and community must be open.
  • From the Facebook you can advertise not profiles, but public pages. Typically, these pages are created for brands and public figures. You can even create several such pages in your Facebook account, and even connect groups to them.
  • Only posts can be advertised from Instagram.
  • The display of the group is quite different. Keep this in mind. The group ID can be found in the group control panel.

Bypass restrictions and other social networks

If you are not satisfied with these restrictions, or you want to advertise, for example, a private VK profile, or an Instagram profile, or some other social network, this is also not a problem. You can use the section “Images In Web Surfing”. This section describes in detail how to take an attractive screenshot of a page and launch it into an ad.

Well, if you need us to connect some other social network in this way, do not hesitate, write. And we will look for connection options.