Advertising in Web Surfing. What is it?

Hello dear readers!

One of the main sections on our website is the advertising in web surfing section. It’s not even one section. During the life of the project, it was divided into three:

  • Sites in Web Surfing
  • Images in Web Surfing
  • Videos in Web Surfing
Three sections on the home page CatCut

Our web surfing ads — is pay per view ads. Viewing continue not less than the specified time and we check through captcha and other system protection that it was not a robot watching the advertisement.

The general principle of advertising in surfing is as follows. CatCut users shorten links through our project and post them somewhere in the Internet. Anyone can create such links for earning in the section “Earning on links”. When someone click on such links, your advertisement is displayed in an advertising window.

This is how the site advertisement looks in the advertisement window. In this case, our Skypart Hosting.

That is, some person clicks on the link, watches your ad no less than what is indicated for your advertising platform and then goes where he needs to. The person who created the link that was clicked on receives a certain percentage of CatCut’s income.

How to view an example of your ad

If you’re curious to see what your ad looks like in an ad window, click View Example on the ad space you created.

But this is just a general overview. We have prepared a series of articles for you, in which we will describe various details of how the advertising sections work in surfing. So subscribe to our social networks so that you don’t miss anything and be in touch with us.