Developer tools

Over the years of our work, we have created a number of developer tools. All of them are located in different sections of the site and are used to solve various problems. We present to you the section for developers. In it we have collected all the tools that we offer to developers, so that… Continue reading Developer tools

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We accept Apple Pay!

Did you know that you can replenish your balance and pay for products with Apple Pay? If you are using an Apple device, open our website through the Safari browser and select “Visa, Mastercard” in the payment methods. You will have a corresponding icon. For some users in Ukraine, you may need to enable VPN… Continue reading We accept Apple Pay!

URL Handler update

Hello! Today we have released an important update to the link handler. Briefly on the points: Now you can connect your own domain to the link processor and the links will work on your domain. The link handler is switched to a new design, which was previously added to short links. The main domain of… Continue reading URL Handler update

Technical works

The server will be undergoing maintenance tonight, so it may be unavailable for some time. Website can be unavailable 21.07 from 22:00 during some time.

Main domain for short links

Hello everyone! The main domain for short links has been changed. It was, it became It is shorter, but for short links it means cooler! All old links will work on both the and domains, but the new ones will only work on The advantage of the new domain at… Continue reading Main domain for short links

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Interruptions in work

During the day, there may be interruptions in the work of sites due to moving to a new server. For all errors, write to technical support.

AirTM payment system is connected to receive payments

Hello everyone! We have connected the AirTM payment system to receive payments. It is a very convenient means of payment that is actively used in Latin America. We hope in the near future to connect this direction to payments. If you have any difficulties with payments, or if you want to connect AirTM for payouts… Continue reading AirTM payment system is connected to receive payments

Share links on social networks without blocking!

It’s no secret that a number of projects, including large social networks, block our links for some reason. Our links are also hidden by ad blockers. Despite the fact that we make every effort and strictly filter spam, the blocking cannot be removed. Today we bring you the first step in fighting this problem: temporary… Continue reading Share links on social networks without blocking!

Portuguese language

Olá! We have added the Portuguese language to the site.  It is one of the most spoken languages ​​on the planet (6th-8th place).  Attract referrals and look for partners in this huge audience! Receber!

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